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Part 32: Where Have I Been?

Chris Brophy suited and booted

Where have I been did you ask?  Ok I’ve not been active on the site for a few weeks And I apologise for that, especially as the site is attracting a huge number of visitors at the minute…so I’m sorry that I’ve not been posting as much as usual. I’m back on it! The quick answer to the question is that I’ve been in Scotland celebrating my fifth wedding anniversary, but there’s more to the story…

I want to start by saying that I’m not going to provide a massively in-depth update on progress these past four weeks. I’ve had so much going on that it’s been extremely difficult to make any positive progress.  You see, for the past year or so I’ve been focused, really focused, to the point where fitness came first and everything else worked around that. This isn’t something that works for everyone, particularly those who are employed rather than self-employed (or unemployed for that matter).

Chris Brophy November 2017

In the warmer months, I’d make sure that workouts were done in the morning probably around 9 or 10am. I’ve always found that the best times to workout for me personally. Everybody’s different. I know somebody who works out at 10pm sometimes! But for me, I’ve found that doing workouts as early in the day as possible enables me to be more alert and focused. I’ve readjusted so that I now workout before lunch time every day!

But don’t you just love summer eh? Sun rising at 4:30am and setting around 9:30pm. There were days this year when I looked out in to the back garden at 10:30pm and it wasn’t fully dark yet. It’s that time of year where everybody’s moods are better because of the increase in sunshine hours and of course, because it’s warmer. But here we are in horrid, freezing cold miserable ol’ winter where the sun doesn’t rise till 7:30am and sets at 3:45pm. There are still 24 hours in a day obviously, but there’s something about winter that pushes our moods to the lowest all year. Maybe it’s because it’s so damn cold outside, maybe it’s due to pre-Christmas stress… It’s also down to the fact that my daughter passed away 11 years ago this Christmas, so it’s always hard to lift my chin(s) up this time of year.

Just chillin’ in my hotel in Scotland last week

Just chillin’ in my hotel in Scotland last week

These last few weeks, I’ve had quite a lot going on which has meant that I couldn’t ‘fix’ my workout times into the diary at a regular time each day. I’ve often done them late afternoon around 5 or 6pm which is just far too late for me. I’m not at my best at that time. In fact, I’m not exactly a happy smiling bundle of fun at 7am either, but seriously, by dinner time (or ‘tea time’ as us northerners call it), I’m flagging. Dinner is cooking whilst I’m working out and the waft of a healthy spag bol distracts me. How’s a man supposed to focus on his workout when the smell of good food makes its way along the hallway into my gym room?!

So I’ve had a very disruptive month because of my schedule shifting around. In addition to that, I’ve been tweaking workouts which was a terrible mistake. Why change something that’s working, to something that’s just thrown together at the moment? There were days when mood was so low that I just grabbed weights and did some Barbell lifts for ten minutes. There were days when my mind was so focused on other important things that I just couldn’t bear the thought of a full workout. Of course, ten minutes of weight lifting was better than nothing and still provided many health benefits. But unless I’m doing a pre-written, carefully planned workout and sticking it out till the end I’m not going to shift any of this excess fat.

Note to self; you have lost over 52 lbs so far Chris and have just 10 lbs to go! Don’t give up now…you’ve come so far with this.

Ok, back to it… It’s common to think that you can skip a few days of working out and then make up for it at the end of the week with a longer workout, but honestly, this isn’t going to work. Yes, you’d be doing some fitness at least but it’s about being consistent and sticking with a plan that works no matter how you feel.

Personal trainers out there will pushing you to work out even when you feel like you’ve hit by a speeding bus, and I agree that it’s important to be consistent if you want to see results, but I’m the kind of guy who listens to his body. If I’m not feeling 100% then I’m not going to put myself through a gruelling workout which is likely to make me feel a whole lot worse afterwards. Missing the odd day here and there doesn’t matter really, what really matters is that you don’t struggle to get back into it once you’re feeling better.

In the past few weeks, I’ve actually gained a little weight for the first time since I started on this weight loss journey in the summer of 2016. That’s been down to a whole load of things as I’ve mentioned above; changing workouts, doing sessions too late and losing focus. There are two other reasons which I haven’t mentioned yet and they are an increase in stress and reduced sleeping hours.

Some say you’ll lose weight if you’re stressed, but actually that’s a load of old ****. An increase in your stress levels causes you to gain weight. It’s a fact. But now my stress has gone because the situations have been dealt with, I should find it easier to stay focused and shift more fat. It’s the first time in over a year that I’ve been really stressed, to the point where it’s actually prevented me from thinking straight and focusing on my weight loss goals.

I’ve also been very busy working in my new recording studio and because of this I’ve had little sleep. All music business folk out there know that 9-5 jobs don’t exist in the music industry, and don’t I know it. There have been many nights in November where I’d head into the studio at 10pm till 2am and have to be up at 7 to get my kids to school. Then I’d spend the day building my studio and working on 101 other things, so add ‘hectic schedule’ to the list of excuses as to why I didn’t lose weight in November. Five hours sleep per night is three hours less than the recommended amount, but I’m one of those people who hates going to bed at a decent hour, say 11pm, if I’m not truly fall-over-tired. So I’ll end up doing something creative until I’m absolutely shattered. The problem with this is that I’m exhausted all day the following day… so I end up doing nothing the next day because I’m walking around like a zombie.

I’ve learnt a lot this past month and I’ve already made changes to my December plan so that I don’t have a repeat of what has been a disastrous November for me. I’ll bring you upto date images, weight loss stats and meansurements before the end of the month, along with a review of the Harry Judd book I talked about briefly in my previous post.

I’m not disappointed with my lack of progress in any way. This is a long learning process and every day’s a school day. You don’t know what works for you if you don’t try it, and life is full of unexpected obstacles also, so there will be times when things don’t quite go as planned. November has been that time!


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