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Part 11: Working on the Abs


Oh, I love a good gadget; my favourite at the moment being a drone which I love flying around the huge field at the back of my house. Although, the local dogs tend to see it and want to eat it. Not advisable unless you want your face ripping off by its four propellers!  Before I talk about the latest in my fitness journey “Working On The Abs”, why not check out these very short videos I made late last year on the drone!

This week, I thought I’d try out another gadget, but this one doesn’t fly around. I’ve been trying out a Bodi-Tek EMS Abs Trainer which you can get from Argos for around £30.00

Twitter Report

Twitter Report

At the time of writing this, their online description is completely wrong and relates to the Bodi-Tek EMS Abs “Builder” not “Trainer” as this one is. They claim you can tone calves, thighs, biceps and more with this, but you can’t! It’s for your abs only.  I have reported this via Twitter, so the description may have been corrected by the time you read this. Here’s a screenshot of the wrong description. Note how the product title is Abs Trainer, yet the description refers to Abs Builder.

Argos Incorrect Abs Trainer Description

Argos Incorrect Abs Trainer Description

This unisex product comes in a small flat box and is extremely thin, possibly only a millimetre or two. The images I’ve seen online show an extremely toned male using it, but I doubt that those abs were formed solely through the use of this little thing. He most likely pumps iron down the gym, eats well and consumes whey protein shakes also, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to see the results I gain from this. Don’t forget, I eat reasonably well and workout too!

Bodi-Tek Ab Trainer

Bodi-Tek Ab Trainer

Bodi-Tek Ab TrainerBodi-Tek Ab Trainer

The best way of describing this is that it’s a little like when you go for an ECG (heart scan) at the hospital, much like I did a couple of weeks ago when I accidentally overdosed on fitness supplements. You stick the entire device onto your stomach and press the power button on top. It takes a small watch battery inside, so there’s no having to find AA batteries or pre-charging at the mains required. Just pop the battery in, stick the device onto your abs area, power on and off you go.

It does a 23-minute “workout” for you whilst you’re pottering around the house or sitting on the sofa. It’s as easy as that. You can use this anywhere in fact, as long as you’re not driving…no…definitely do not drive with this on because the feeling you get from using this is quite bizarre.

Chris Brophy January 2017

Chris Brophy January 2017

The + and – buttons allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the pulses it sends through your body. It’s quite amusing as a male watching your stomach have these pregnancy style contractions. Now I now how ladies feel when they get contractions. It takes a little getting used to that’s for sure.

I’m at the stage where I can have it on full power, but that’s not for everyone. It feels like something is moving inside your stomach, kicking you ten times a second over say five seconds before it stops for two seconds and does it again and again until the 23 minutes are over.

I had a browse around Amazon for abs training belts similar to this, and my god, there are some seriously stupid people moaning about these. One guy said it was s**t and “didn’t get rid of my beer belly”! Seriously, an overweight guy who loves a good beer or ten bought this thinking he can stick it on his flab and within a few days, he’s got a six-pack! How nuts.

Lots of people also complained of receiving electric shocks! Actually, there is some truth in this, but only if you’re the sort of person who can’t be bothered to read instructions. You see, these little things are literally sending electrical shocks to your body, and if you put the device onto your dry skin, then you’ll certainly feel it. I did it myself when I first bought this. I couldn’t wait to rip it off, and then when you do you’ll notice red marks where the sticky pads had been.

Chris Brophy Biceps - January 2017

Chris Brophy Biceps – January 2017

Your abs area needs to be wet before applying the pads. Now if you like, you can head out and buy some conductive gel much like they use for ultrasound baby scans, or you do it the easy way by applying a little spit onto the area.  Once you’ve applied gel or saliva, put the device on and you’re done…you won’t receive any shocks. It’s amazing how many people are moaning about the shocks on Amazon. Some people love to grumble for the sake of it. Quick to moan, slow to read instructions first! The pads do have conductive gel on them, but they’re not as effective after a couple of sessions use.

I have noticed a difference in the abs area these past few weeks, so I know it’s working (see image left), but I am not using this on its own to tone up. I am doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) along with a fairly good diet and abs exercises such as sit ups, planks and press ups. Ok, I’m not perfectly toned, but I can see the abs developing well.

Chris Brophy August 1st 2016 and February 1st 2017

Chris Brophy August 1st 2016 and February 1st 2017

I’m not losing a load of weight at the moment, because I am doing a lot of weights, and like I say abs muscle-building. So what I’m losing in fat I am gaining in muscle mostly.

However, I can ignore the scales a little because my eyes are telling me that my body is changing. I’m still around 20+ lbs short of my 170 lbs (12 stone) target, but so far I have lost around 40 lbs since August last year.

I drifted off target a little because I was ill over Christmas, then over-indulged with the turkey, then recently because very ill after an accidental overdose, but I’m now feeling back on form 🙂

I’m currently spending around 30-40 minutes a day doing a mixture of weights (for biceps, triceps, delts, traps etc) and cardio for heart racing, sweat pumping workouts. There is a noticeable difference in my biceps and pecs and I feeling lighter yet stronger overall. I’m finding it easier to perform pressups and situps too, something I’ve never really been able to do before.

Overall, I have lost around 40lbs and am hovering around the 13st 10lbs mark. Not bad at all considering I was 16st 7lbs just six months back!  The fitness journey continues…

UPDATE: I had to return the above bodi-tek device as it broke down! Instead of replacing, I ‘upgraded’ to this which is far better, as it tones your arms also. A review of that coming soon.

Abs and Arms Toning Belt

Abs and Arms Toning Belt


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